A Lifelong Relationship With Water

There is something about the ocean that draws me to hear and see her. She gives me comfort and peace as waves move endlessly to the shore. Her creatures are complex yet simple in their daily existence. Mother Nature is perfect. I don’t try to recreate it. I try to interpret what I have seen. I try to envision it through the eyes and mind of an impressionist. The emotion and colors I hope to share influence my collectors to experience it.

I believe that the best way to capture the oceans and her waters is by the bold strokes of oils. As you look at my work you will see the inspired use of color in hints of Van Gogh and Monet. The strokes of color suggest motion and movement giving a sense of life to each of the animals in the scenes. The same is true for water movement and land scapes. Color evokes movement in a still work. My collectors tell me they can get lost in a piece because motion, whether in the trees or animals, gives them a sense of awareness.